Tired of wasting endless hours on your network marketing business with uninspiring progress? Then the...

Free 10-day Bliss Life Guided  Series for Network Marketers for YOU.


The “Bliss Life Series” will help you ignite your RESULTS during an enlightening and game-changing 10-day journey called The Bliss Life.

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After 40 Years of Coaching Networkers on How to Grow Ultra Successful Business While Living a Fulfilling Life... 

I've sadly discovered that many of us who get started, due to the excitement of the opportunity, quickly become discouraged. You end up "working another job" rather than living a leveraged dream of bliss and prosperity. But, all the tactics in the world won't change this "network marketing rat race." It starts with YOU. That's what this series is all about.

You can unlock your power and potential so you can live what we call a "Bliss Life." Join us for this 10 day transformational experience...

The 10-Day Audio Series Includes ...

Day 1: We're going to start with showing you how to unlock the Pandora's box of boundless joy, prosperous productivity, and worthwhile success methods to supercharge your entrepreneurial journey

Day 2: Exhausted from the relentless grind; overwhelmed with trying to keep up with the 1,000s of "brand new flashy" tactics that arrive almost daily?

This class will show you how to unleash the power of engaging in a bliss-filled style of entrepreneurship, So You Can prioritize working blissfully smarter over needlessly hustling for mere "crumbs of success."

Day 3: Why A Lack of Boundaries May Be Holding You Back From What You Really Deserve PLUS How to Create More Leverage in Your Life So You Can Reach More People in Less time...

Day 4: Kindness is King and How to Deliver It Like Mother Theresa -- How to Develop an Authentic Radiating Kindness that Attracts the RIGHT People to You (and repels energy vampires)

Day 5: Embrace the Magical "trilogy" of Robust Goals, an Elevated Competitive Spirit, and a More in-the-Moment Relationship with Your Personal Journey, All Demystified in This Captivating Training Session!

Day 6: No amount of money can be enjoyed if your health is compromised. In this video: Step into the shoes of high achievers and learn how to craft a lifestyle that harmonizes success and well-being

Day 7: Arguing With Your Spouse Over Money? This is the Cure

Day 8: How to Escape the Vicious Cycle of Anxiety and Fear and Go from Victim of Your Circumstances to "Master Manifestor" with Ease and Joy

Day 9: Discover a Potent 5-min Practice to Release Personal Obstructions and Limitations That Block Your Abundance and Learn How to "Cultivate a Space" to Attract Limitless Opportunity

Day 10: More Secrets to Create a Meaningful Impact & Build a Legacy Lifestyle That Opens The Door to Boundless Opportunities You Haven't Even Dreamt of Yet...

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Ignite your RESULTS during an enlightening and game-changing 10-day journey called The Bliss Life.

Simply Enter Your Name And Email Address Below:

(Privacy Policy: We hate spam and promise to keep your email address safe.)

What Others Have To Say ...

This was a great journey! I’ve listened to several of them more than once. I have to say, kindness was/is my favorite, Health was/is my passion and Forgiveness was/is my reality. Richard is one of my all time most relatable mentors and He doesn’t even know that’s how I value Him. Thank you Richard, for helping me to remember, refine and restore my Bliss through this 10 day audio. Sharing it with my family and friends! Can’t wait for the next one!

- Tanya Valdez
Gold Distributor, Zija International

These daily audios are concise and to the point while being wide-ranging in the aspects covered - within each audio and within the entire 10-day series. They are creatively matter-of-fact, respectful, and thought-provoking, thus leading the listener to consider more, to make a shift, and in some cases to grasp a new action that provides a solution. Well worth the few minutes each day! Thank you, Richard B. Brooke.

- Sue Holdren
Shaklee, Sr. Director

Richard as always, you were stellar. The soft calming tone to your voice was soothing. If we could get out of our heads and stop the chatter most of us would probably succeed in what ever we do. For me it’s a constant chatter between me the outside of the body and the subconscious. Keep up the wonderful trainings as you are an inspiration for all you do for our industry.

- Trish Bailey
White Nerium Director

This audio series really shifted my mindset. Each day I looked forward to starting my day with a new audio. I loved focusing on that oartiitppic for the entire day. I found myself happier and more introspective! Thank you so much! I’ve already referred this series to many friends!

- Colleen Riddle
Young Living Gold

I felt like you peeked into my life because these topics are my struggles - some greater than others. Probably anyone who listens would feel the same. I am putting the titles on a card to read daily. I am glad you added this segment to the course.

- Verna Hodges
The Right Stuff Marketing Coordinator

I was amazed at the wonderful practical advice that Richard Bliss Brooke exemplified in this course. I thought it would be about a clever sales pitch and how to haul the people in------but instead he talks about being a compassionate caring person full of gratitude and love! When I am my best person and show that to the world, I will attract people because they can trust me and know that I am for real.

- Brenda Kado
Shaklee Distributor

Listening to Richards wisdom and view on life and business are nothing but a bliss! Thank you for this audio series!

- Claudia Greiter
Young Living Essential Oils, Executive

I loved this! It was a daily snippet of really, really great content. My only wish was that it landed in my inbox first thing in the morning so I could start my day with it. I will be listening again and again if it is still available to do so. Thank you!
I love the material offered from Bliss Business. Gives me a great perspective on life and helps add balance!

- Jennifer Fields
Arbonne International- District Manager

I really enjoyed this series of audios. They were short and packed a big punch. Thank You for the gift you are to the world.

- Dianne Parnell
Young Living Distributor Rank of Star

Richard’s insights are truly priceless and inspirational! His Bliss Life Audio Series concepts are simple to follow yet produce profound results!

- Sarah Curtis
Silver Distributor Young Living Essential Oils

I love straight forward suggestions for improving my situation, whether it’s financial or personal growth. I get that from listening to Richard Brooke. He’s funny and intelligent and interesting. I’m so happy to have been introduced to your teachings.

- Danielle Couture
Arbonne International Independent Consultant

I really loved the topics each day, your sensitive, thoughtful reflections on the topics. I wish they were even longer.

- Toni Saarinen-Jorden
Arbonne, District Manager

I loved how these 10 Days were short & lots of info. Easy to fit into your day. They made you stop & think. I’m loving it...Thank you!

- Lee Briggs
ARBONNE Area manager

Loved this.......shared it with my downline!

- Karleen Watts
Shaklee Coordinator

Each segment was helpful in some way to me personally. Others segments reinforced what I was already doing. Over all very helpful.

- Paul Fowler
Shaklee Coordinator


Richard Brooke

Richard Bliss Brooke is an ontological coach who is best known for his authenticity and as the man who brought you the best-selling books, The Four Year Career® and Mach2 with Your Hair on Fire.

He believes in playing full out and has a tell-it-like-it-is style, with a hearty dose of wisdom and humor sprinkled in to light people’s fires of accomplishment.

His vision and passion is to lead, inspire and teach people from all walks of life to live a Bliss life - a life full of joy, peace, and confidence.

Richard speaks all over the world on the subjects of Transformational Development, Ethical Marketing, and Listening and Self Motivation. He has shared the stage with Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Bob Proctor, and many others.